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Android Apps APK

Hi, I am using instant app and have finished making my app. When someone installs my app on an andriod device from the link can they be directed to install from the google play store? A few of my customers have said they find it confusing because they are being asked to change settings on their phone before they can download it because it is from an independent app maker. I just want to make it as easy as possible for my customers to download. Thanks in advance, my app look great by the way.


  • Administrator
    @smallfry Welcome to the family! Thanks for the compliments.

    Redirecting users to Google Play is counter intuitive because it would require you to become a Google Play developer (along with its associated publishing fees) and prevent you from updating your app conveniently.

    See: Currently if you edit your app, it INSTANTLY updates on everyone's iPhone and Android without you or them having to do anything.

    If you went the Google Play store route, you'd have to upload a new file to the store each time you changed something AND then send messages to all your Android users, begging them to download the new version. It's not something people will find cool or convenient. And it'll waste everyone's time.

    This is why your customers get a choice between "view" and "install" when they receive your app. "View" perfectly simulates your app's look, feel, and content BUT it doesn't require installing.

    We made this for the folks who are scared to download stuff, technically challenged, locked down Android device, can't remember Google Play login info, or people in a rush who really just want to get to the information as quickly as possible. Hope this helps!
  • Cheers todd, very well explained, thank you.
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