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Social Icons on Contact Page

sgfreedomsgfreedom Member
edited December 2013 in Questions
Under the contact page,

There are 6 icons (email,website,V,Facebook,twitter,in) can we have the option to choose and replace the icons. For example I want to show a youtube icon and it links to my youtube channel. Is this possible? Also, can we make the icons disappear if no link was keyed in instead of making the icons faded?


  • CorbyCorby Administrator, Moderator
    Technically, the V is for Vimeo; although most everyone associates V with Video. All you need to do is put the URL to your YouTube channel there.
    Icons will not disappear. If the faded icon is a concern, then open an account on that network and link to it.
    Again, most people will know that a faded icon means there is not an available account there. A faded icon is esthetically more pleasing than a blank space in a row of icons.
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