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Website address able to on and off

sgfreedomsgfreedom Member
edited December 2013 in Questions

Is it possible for the tech team to have the section on the right where it states "this app also has a website:" able to toggle off and on from public view? Reason because some client already have their own website. And the social media buttons has a web icon to be linked to their official webadress. So the client it can choose to remove from public view and it can be change in editing mode.


  • Administrator
    Nope. Your client's real website is listed on his contact page. The web address you refer to is the app's mobile site and the app's desktop site. Those are part of the comprehensive InstantApp package and you need to explain to your client that they're there for convenience to his customers when he sends them a link to his app and they're possibly not on a mobile device.
    The app's multiple websites also increase the brand's SEO relevance and assist in appearing higher in Google searches. It's explained in our videos.
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