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NOT A BUG: Unable to change icon on the right

sgfreedomsgfreedom Member
edited January 2014 in Bugs

when I double click on the right icon to change to my own or other icons, it shows "no object".

The rest seems to be alright and editable.

Please advice.


  • Administrator
    The image you refer to is a design element. You can chose from 100 animated objects or have "no object" because you may not like animated objects when your app starts.
    The place to put your logo is on top right.
  • When I double clicked on the image, im unable to see the 100 animated objects but only "no object"
  • Administrator
    We pushed those image assets once more to our CDN servers in Singapore from where you appear to have trouble seeing them. They should now show fine for you, too. Please confirm.
  • I have checked and it is working. However, I would like to check if it is possible to add in our own icon instead? What is the appropriate dimension? How can I upload it from my computer? There is no option "Your own Picture" unlike when chaging background we can have the option to choose our own background.
  • Administrator
    As previously mentioned: Your icon goes top left. You cannot use your icon with the object picker due to the tremendous difference in device sizes and how they handle aspect ratios and animation. Your icon is animated when your app starts. Before that an object flies through the screen. THAT's the object you can select from that picker.
  • I dont get you. Ok, when in editing mode. The top right corner which is now a disco ball, can i add my own image instead of choosing the ones from the server? I also noticed there are 3 empty icons listed. You may want to check on that too.
  • Administrator
    edited December 2013
    No. You cannot add your icon there because it would break your app on too many devices.
    Please start using your app on your mobile device to understand what this design element does.
  • I have already tried it on my phone. The icon will spins from left to right. It will be great if we can set our own icon.
  • Administrator
    It's technically possible but it requires the user to strictly adhere to sizes, resolution, aspect ratio, and alpha channels. You and I and most graphic designers could do this. Most people can't. It's thus NOT as simple as the rest of InstantApp.
    Until we find a fool-proof way for this to work successfully even for computer novices we'll keep it as is.
  • Roger that Todd. At least you guys are looking into this. Thumbs Up! :) Christmas around the corner. Happy Holidays to all! Merry Christmas!
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