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Reseller Page


I bought one instantapp plugin and realised that I have a reseller page. Does this means that if that if someone is directed to my reseller page or I send someone my reseller page, what if they sign up to get the instantapp? Do I get a commission or unlock certain options like "changing my reseller page name and insert website name, etc."? Or I need and account to do this?

How do I use this reseller page to my advantage? Is it only useful if you get the pro unlimited?


  • Administrator
    Wrong forum. If you bought InstantApp as a plugin you need to talk to the vendor who sold it to you. App.Cat maybe?
  • Nope. I bought instantapp from itself. I realise when I was in the app, when I click on edit, it's redirected to my reseller page,

    how can I make use of this page? Do I get a msg when someone wants to buy this and message me? Or this reseller page is only appicable if i have account?
  • Administrator
    I cannot reproduce this occurrence and the link you gave me ( does not show a reseller page for me. It shows a 404 (page not found) which redirects to the instantapp homepage.

    Can you please describe EXACTLY how you get to that reseller page, which device you're on, and where exactly you're clicking. Step by step. This way I can assist better.
  • Ok. I noticed there was a typo in the address that I gave. Ok first I used chrome browser. And proceed to

    Then I proceed to welcome tab and click on edit this app.

    I am redirected to my reseller page.
  • Administrator
    Thanks for the precise information. This reseller page is an accidental carry-over from our professional software product and should not appear for you or your customers. Apologies for the inconvenience.
  • No problem Todd. I think I will buy the pro version and adopt my instantapp. this way i can also sell it to other small business company. But before that I need to get the andriod download working.
  • Administrator
    edited December 2013 no longer accidentally shows a reseller page. Thanks for pointing out this quirk.

    If you want to start making and selling apps for fun and profit you don't necessarily need the App.Cat software.
    You can simply make more InstantApps and sell them to others. Depending on target clientele, their expectations, and your own current budget one option may be better than the other.
    The difference is described here:
    You should also carefully check if App.Cat's extra features (some of which are included free in InstantApp) calculate properly with your plans:
  • Thanks for the very prompt reply. Thumbs up. :)

    Just asking, must the edit button appear in the mobile app? It is now redirected to Is it supposed to be this way?
  • Administrator
    You can make that edit button disappear at the very bottom inside your editing screen. 3 settings at your disposal: Loud (very visible), Discreet, Off.
    Please watch the videos to see the pros and cons of vanishing the edit button.
  • Thanks Todd. Already remove the edit button. Thanks.
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