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Infrastructure upgrades to future-proof your apps Administrator
edited December 2013 in Questions

UPDATE: Successfully completed on schedule.

On Sunday, December 1st, 9AM PST we will migrate to larger and better infrastructure to future-proof your software and apps. This may take up to 72 hours. You apps keep working but you won't be able to edit or create new apps during this period. This guarantees that you don't lose changes during the move. It also prevents partially saved edits to break your apps on everyone's smartphone.

Why is this?
Because at the core of your apps and your app making software is sophisticated military strength server infrastructure that needs to be in stellar shape to guarantee your continued success.

Not only do we host 7 versions of your app plus a website on 70+ international banking grade secure servers, but we also provide the connectivity infrastructure that allows you to change/update your app inside your software AND the resulting changes then be instantly distributed to every smartphone that has your app.

We also provide SMS over IP, allowing every app owner and app maker to beam apps to others via SMS WITHOUT incurring carrier fees or requiring cell phone connection.

This tightly organized, highly scalable and safe ecosystem guarantees that your apps ALWAYS download instantly, work really fast, look stellar independent of device or screen size. It also guarantees that app changes you make on your iPad, Computer, or iPhone instantly get pushed out to everyone.

Lastly it guarantees that when we upgrade functionalities or squash bugs either inside your app-making-software or inside the resulting multitude of apps we can deliver those to you, your clients, and their customers WITHOUT anyone having to take action such as re-downloading stuff.

Why "hosting" isn't the whole story:
Cross platform app hosting is misunderstood on too many levels. It's not a simple file residing on a sleazy GoDaddy server. It's a tightly interwoven organism guaranteeing safety, lightning speed, and convenience to everyone: App makers, sellers, clients, their customers.

Will this change something for me?
Yes. It'll future-proof your apps and your software so you can be sure that you, your clients, and their customers will have a stellar app experience in the years to come. Other than that you won't notice much aside from not being able to edit or create apps during the migration process.

Will my apps still work during the move?
Yes. This was one of the primary goals: Providing continued app functionality to your clients and their customers.

Are you moving everything?
All infrastructure associated with will be moved and upgraded to work better and faster.

Why now?
Because this marks the end of 1 year of planning and preparing for this move due to its intense complexity. We're ready and we want to make sure we can continue growing rapidly without causing your apps to suffer.
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