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Feature Request

I have been looking at ways to introduce a loyalty card scheme for my food business. There are a few apps available to give customers a digital version of a stamp card, where the customer can scan a QR code to get stamp on a card. Is there any way a similar sort of thing could be incorporated into our InstantApp App? Thanks in advance


  • Administrator
    edited November 2013
    A lot of our app makers use the photo gallery for all sorts of coupons. Some QR, some "show this coupon for xyz off". And of course the clickable ad that can call a number or go to a site.
    It's one of those features you really think you want before starting your own app only to find out that your customers don't really use it. As such, the photo gallery trick and the clickable ad are perfectly suited for those needs.
    The most successful customer retention tool we offer is push messages and you should certainly take advantage of that because the way it works across all platforms, even onto old phones, is unique to InstantApp, not offered by anyone else, and certainly more effective than loyalty cards!
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