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What is it?
InstantApp™ is hands down the simplest and most intuitive way to make an app that works on all smartphones, tablets, and computers. Just like with fridge magnets you slide elements around until it looks just right. Hundreds of templates and presets guarantee a glamorous app without design- or programming experience. Because InstantApp™ automatically updates on every smartphone and computer you save time and money.
Your app can be shared via SMS, email, QR code, and social networks, thus guaranteeing higher visibility and direct distribution, making you independent from complicated, expensive, and censored app stores. InstantApp™ lets you send commercial messages to everyone who has your app so you can sell more, become viral, and increase your Search Engine Rankings.

How does it work?
Upon successful payment you instantly land on InstantApp's patented app editing screen. There you can fine-tune everything now and whenever changes are needed later. At the same time you also receive an email with your receipt and all relevant login information. When you're happy with how your app looks you can start beaming it to friends and customers by text, email, QR code or social networks. When you make changes it instantly updates on everyone's phone so they don't have to do anything. These videos show you how easy it is.

How did it start?
InstantApp™ was originally just a Plugin for the hugely successful app making platform App.Cat®, the world's quickest and easiest app selling software for designers and entrepreneurs. It allowed app sellers to give editing power to their clients because a small business needs changes published quickly and easily without having to wait for the original app seller.

Who is it for?
The overwhelming success of the InstantApp Plugin led to the creation of a separate brand, targeted at small business owners who really just want to create ONE app quickly and have full editing power shared with their team.
While App.Cat® keeps thriving as a software for people who make many different apps with various features (Plugins) and sell them, InstantApp™ is growing leaps and bounds with small labels and brands who want an app with ALL features (Plugins) NOW. Its mind boggling intuitiveness makes it an industry-leader.

Who are we?
InstantApp's Team consists of core members you know and trust from App.Cat®. The project was founded by app making pioneer HOTTRIX® whose flagship app iBeer is found on 90 million smartphones.
Authorized specialists exclusively represent and sell InstantApp™ in currently 12 countries. Whether you purchase InstantApp™ directly on or from your local representative you'll always get the same outstanding product at the same all-inclusive price and can count on the entire team's support in 7 languages.

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